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Rural Impact! What to Expect from the Gas Industry and How to Address It is a documentary exploring the impacts of natural gas development in Colorado on communities, the environment and public health. Directed by Aurielle Andhara and Bill Sitkin, the film includes in-depth interviews with county officials, scientists and residents and strives to find a balance between the needs of the environment and the demands of a society reliant on non-renewable energy resources.

Shaleshock organized a public screening and discussion of Rural Impact! on October 9th 2008 at the Women’s Community Building in Ithaca, but you can watch the film in six parts via YouTube below.


    • Clover56 says:

      You can pick up a copy of the Rural Impact DVD at the Shaleshock Outreach Office in Ithaca. It’s at 115 E. Martin Luther King St (the downtown commons above Autumn Leaves Bookstore). Stop by and pick up materials during normal business hours.

  1. The information about what a community can control is dictated by state law. In Pennsylvania, we are challenging a Governor attempting to severely limit local authority by disallowing zoning rights. Additionally PA is one of the only states not to impose a Severance Tax on drilling companies. And the few regulations that do exist re gas drilling has oversight by local DEP’s – there aren’t enough DEP workers to carry out the present quality assurance indicators, many of which are insufficient when it comes to unconventional vs. conventional wells. Banning the industry from further development is the only answer until the process is proven safe and regulations are developed and carried out. Even then, the industry does not belong near people, plants or animal life.

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