Peter Hudiburg's Powerpoint (Chenango)

By Peter Hudiburg.  I put this powerpoint together for a Commerce Chenango Future Leaders event on gas drilling where I knew that the other 3 speakers would be mostly progas. So I decided to concentrate on specific people who have been damaged by the process and have documented the damage with water tests and in many cases, blood tests, and mention some of the studies that seemed the most persuasive.
The audience response was gratifying. These Chenango people who tend to have a Republican perspective asked some very good questions that showed that they got it. The County gas consultant/lobbyist, Steve Palmatier, couldn’t come up with any rebuttals. He made a bogus comment that he knew Jacobi, the creator of the NYS map crisscrossed with faults and fissures, personally and that he had never said to him that NYS was seismically active.

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  1. Chip Northrup on March 23, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Thanks Peter. Good report.

    Palmetier, in addition to being a well-known drunkard, evidently hasn’t bothered to actually read Jacobi’s paper- which discusses the seismicity of CNY :

    The seismicity of CNY has been documented by Karen Edelstein, who, unlike Palmetier is neither a drunkard nor a fracking shil.

    Chenanango has a bright future – which does not include fracking it into a brownfield.