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Official Press Release;

Marcellus Shale Rock: to Release Fracking Protest Song by Liquid Me Saturday

Campaign with Shaleshock Alliance Aims to Raise Awareness About Hydraulic Fracturing Dangers, Lies, Facts

ITHACA, NY – The environmentalist group Shaleshock Action Alliance will release a new, anti- fracking anthem, by Marcellus-Shale-dwelling, punk rock band, Liquid Me, this Saturday, Dec 15, on its website: “Wrong,” will be released with accompanying video.

The single “Wrong” will be available as a free download via, in an effort to help inform about dangers inherent to current “fracking” gas extraction methods, which may soon be starting up in New York State.

From the Liquid Me band official statement on facebook: “… we hope to help get more people informed about fracking: is a comprehensive, timely resource on hydraulic fracturing (New York and beyond).”

“We also hope that this campaign will help generate donations for Shaleshock Action Alliance,” the Liquid Me statement continues. “They are a great organization, dedicated to keeping us informed, and to fighting this essential fight. They are non-profit, and the fight costs money. Please donate to them.”

The band has licensed its unreleased anti-fracking song, “Wrong,” to the Shaleshock Action Alliance environmental group, in an effort to help the organization raise the awareness, and funding, needed to fight against hydraulic fracturing in New York. Donations to the all-volunteer Shaleshock Action Alliance organization will be utilized to help protect upstate New York from exploitative drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

“We oppose the extractive, profit-driven gas industry, and their boom-and-bust model,” Shaleshock Organizer, Ryan Clover-Owens, explained. “Our solutions are all local, involving participation, and community power.”

Shaleshock Action Alliance is a member of the Americans Against Fracking national coalition, which includes Josh Fox, Natalie Merchant, Mark Ruffalo, and Sandra Steingraber as members of its Advisory Board.

“We work to connect different groups and people,” continued Clover-Owens. “This project with Liquid Me helps us connect lots of new people, in a new way.”

“Wrong” was produced by Jeff Da Bella (Mansion Audio Recording Studios, Johnson City, NY), recorded by Arthur Scott Verner (DMS Studio, Clarksville, NY), and mastered at Music House Mastering, NYC.

“We are increasingly concerned about fracking in upstate New York,” explained Liquid Me producer, Jeff Da Bella. “We’re very concerned that people don’t get how dangerous fracking is.”

Da Bella explained that the fracking concern is one that hits home for him, and for the band, in a very immediate way. “(Liquid Me) could throw a rock and hit the proposed Constitution Pipeline from their rehearsal space in Otego,” he said. “We all live in fracking-targeted areas, too, not far from the Pennsylvania boarder. We’ve all lived here forever. This is our home.”

“We’re convinced that current fracking methods are not safe, and we’re afraid that our representation does not care,” said Liquid Me singer/guitarist, Lotus. “We’re not interested in becoming anyone’s collateral damage.”

From the Liquid Me official statement on facebook:

“We (New Yorkers) are being lied to and manipulated.
We know that fracking is not safe.
At face value, fracking is insane. It becomes more horrifying the more you learn.
And still, our representation argues for fracking in New York, and works to make the issue confusing, and socially polarizing.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: we are your constituency, and you are working to mortgage our health, our liberty, and our best interests. We will never forget this. You begged for our trust.
We live on the Marcellus Shale.
We are paying attention.”

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