Shaleshock Media Archive Project

Dear friends, January 2015

Yahoo!! What a celebration we’ve been having since Gov. Cuomo announced the ban on fracking in NY — hugging, crying, laughing, and everyone feeling relief and gratitude. We sincerely thank you and all those who played a part. We are absolutely convinced that every action, however big or small, made a difference in leading the Governor to the decision he made.

At this historic moment, many of us have been thinking back to the early meetings and events in 2008-2010 when the anti-fracking movement in the Finger Lakes began and rapidly grew. We have had an amazingly successful run. The journey that culminated in the NY Ban is now officially a case study in democratic resistance to the fossil fuel industry and the governments they try to control. Wow!

As you know, the folks at Shaleshock Media under the leadership of Cris McConkey have been documenting the anti-fracking movement in NY since the start. Their collection of over a thousand hours of original source videos has been a powerful vehicle for spreading information to activists during this time. Now, their collection becomes an invaluable resource for chronicling history.

At Shaleshock, we have an opportunity and an obligation to help keep the historical story true to the facts.

It is important to make copies of our videos available for use (as more documentarians want to find clips to include in new videos), but we must, at the same time, preserve the originals from alteration or destruction, whether changes be intentional or accidental. Another important feature of any historical collection is proper indexing so that someone searching for a particular person or place or event can easily find the information they need.

To supplement the collection, we are announcing an oral history project,

where Shaleshock Media videographers will interview many of the grassroots activists who led the fight against fracking in New York.

To achieve these archiving goals, money is needed. Shaleshock Media is exploring grant funding and partnerships with Cornell libraries, but for now we are looking for seed money to get us started. Please consider making a donation now.

The grassroots movement you helped to build in NY shines as a hopeful beacon against the cloud of climate disruption. Shaleshock Media video footage documents what can be accomplished by caring people, and how it happened, all against enormous odds. Help us preserve our story.

Donations are tax-deductible. Checks should be made out to Social Ventures and sent to

Social Ventures, 124 Westfield Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850.

Please add “Archive project” in the memo line.

Best wishes to you for a happy new year,

From Ryan, Sara, Cris, Laurie, Marie, Hilary, Fred, Margaret, John, Karen, and many more