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Here are actions to fight the gas companies from fracking New York State:

1. Join a rally! some of us attended the Albany Anti-fracking rally last week. More rallies are being organized for the Southern Tier the weekend of September 14-16. Save these dates.

2. Sign the Pledge and donate to Don’t Frack New York.

3. Call Gov. Cuomo today. Even if you’ve called before, call again.

Please tell Governor Cuomo not to put New Yorkers’ health at risk.

Call 1-866-584-6799 and leave a simple message like,

“Protect New York’s water, land and air by not permitting fracking in New York. Instead, support renewable energy that will bring good, long-term jobs to New Yorkers!”

This phone number goes through Food & Water Watch who is keeping track of the number of calls, and is directed to a recording from the Governor’s office asking for your name, address and comments.

4. Support the local groups and organizations fighting for your clean air, water and land. Donate here to Shaleshock

5. Donate to the Community Environmental Defense Council; a great group (two folks) who fight for the rights of towns to ban fracking.

6. Urge land owning friends to list their properties on REAL NYS, a website countering the pro-fracking owners.

7. Support Nate Shinagawa and Dan Lamb for CONGRESS. They are taking over parts of Maurice Hinchey’s old congressional seat.

8. Talk to folks who you normally wouldn’t talk with about fracking, and its impact on our community’s land, water and air.

“Start small, build a team, think big, dare to dream”


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